May 14/2017

From The Pastor's Desk


Happy Mother’s Day.

We are really glad you came. Today we take a moment to those who walk among us with radar. Yes, we are talking about mother’s and they seem to know what is going on with everyone in the house. We have booked a couple of tables at J&D’s Chinese restaurant today to take a break from cooking. We can enjoy at time of extended fellowship and visiting after the service today. Also keep in mind that many of our afterschool ministries will be winding up this week as many of the kids have ball and they also want to take advantage of the great  weather.

Also just an update. Things are really shaping up for our Canada 150 Celebration. Many businesses are supporting the event and looks like we are going to have a great day!

Have a great week!
Pastor Orland

May 7/2017

From The Pastor's Desk


Welcome to church this morning and we are really glad you are here.

I would like to say thank you to Ryan, Gloria, Dona Jean, and everyone else who helped out with the potluck last Sunday. It was awesome. Venas and Lina were so blessed by the kindness and love shown. Thank you so much for showing the love of Jesus in such a practical way.

Our ministry year is drawing to a close and we will be having a couple of windups this year in our youth ministries. We would also like to say a big thank you to Jessica McNish who helped out with Senior Youth this year. She is moving to Brandon and is working at the YMCA. Thank you for your ministry and we wish you all of God's blessing in your future endeavours.


Have a great week!

Pastor Orland


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