March 26/2017

From The Pastor's Desk

Good morning. We are really glad you came. I would like to take this moment to say thank you to our many volunteers who work at the church. Special thanks to Ruth and Vern who clean the church every week and are involved in heading up the hospitality ministry. So thank you everyone for your ministry to the Lord’s work.

If you are interested in volunteering in a ministry just contact myself and we can get you set up.

Have a great week.

Pastor Orland

March 19/2017

From The Pastor's Desk

Welcome and we are glad you came.

This week I would to take this space to say Congratulations to both Husky teams; Senior High girls and the middle school boys and girls. So good to see our young people from church give excellent leadership and show such good sportsmanship. This is their mission field. Congratulations to the boys middle school team who won the A side divisional championship this last week. I would like to mention Nash Gurr who gave such good leadership to the team. Great job! I had the privilege of coaching the boys and at one of our sessions I gave them “the talk” and talked about 7 things every player needs to do to become a tough ball player.

These 7 qualities can be easily applied to the Christian life. Here they are with the made for church version:

Talk on Defense- Let people know about Jesus. Talk about Him often with your friends, not just in church.

Get on The Floor- Go! Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you go out and make things happen.

Sprint the Floor- Do everything as if you are working for the Lord. Keep moving. Keep your eye on the goal to finish the race.

Play hard so your coach has to take you out- Take time to rest, but when it is time to work-  work at it with all your might. Get uncomfortable. Allow the Lord to stretch you. Give 100% of all you got 100 % of the time.

Be positive with your body language. Always be an encourager. Stay in the game and be positive. No hanging your heads, and dragging your feet. Stay in the game by staying positive in your head.

It’s not your shot, it’s our shot. Team work makes the dream work. We all need to work together in unity.

Look Your Coach and other teammates in the eye. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Be the player that others can count on.

We can be the toughest team out there because we know that it takes to be tough. If you do nothing but nothing, nothing will get done. Hope you enjoyed the locker room talk.

Now get out there and have a great week.

Pastor Orland


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