October 29/2017

The Family Kitchen Table

a moment for families and couples


 Find rest and renewal for busy families

In a culture that is very busy and active rest doesn’t happen often enough. I am not talking about sleep, but times of rest and renewal. With the level of our kids’ activities controlling much of our time, it can be difficult to find a day to spend relaxing at home. When God offered us direction through the commandments given to Moses, he included a day set aside from work to rest and rejoice in our God. And, if the Creator of all things tells us rest is important, we need to listen well. Even in life's busy seasons. Even when all of our activity feels so important. God knew what we would need as people, as families, as His dearly loved children on earth. He designed us with a need to rest. Have we taken a day to rest? As I was haying this year on my holiday break, it was challenging to pursue a time of rest on Sunday instead of trying to get more hay done. This hustle and bustle is wearing us down. Plan to take time to do nothing at all. You will find that this break will bring an emotional renewal. There is a blessing reserved by God for those who choose to rest. But you don’t get the blessing until you rest. Our culture idolizes busyness. Jesus said in Matthew 11: 28, "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." How often do we listen to this instruction? How willing are we to be a family that steps back from the running and rests in God's presence? God calls us to worship together as church families and for most people Sunday morning works best. For many we catch a few nuggets of truth on a CD or podcast or listen to our favorite worship band while running from one place to the next, but as good as this can be, it does not replace gathering together with the Lord’s people. See Hebrews 10:25. God reserves a blessing for those who worship as a sacrifice of praise. That means that we give something. To make this life style change, it can be a bit of a challenge.
However. God reserves a blessing for those who gather. Remember, there will always be a lot to do. There will always be people and plans calling us up and out. But finding the time to pull in close, to trust God’s word and to follow His lead can offer us what we truly need: rest and renewal. These valuable gifts are often lost in the hurrying to the next, important thing, but God calls us to better. We are called to be still and acknowledge our God and to worship Him.

October 15/2017

The Family Kitchen Table

a moment for families and couples


The Holy Spirit and family life.

Many wonder who the Holy Spirit is. Over the next few weeks we will be discovering more about the Holy Spirit and daily living. This study is excellent for the a discussion around the family table. Today’s topic: Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit can be understood by understand the names He bears and the symbols which illustrate His workings. The first Name we will look at is: ‘The Spirit of God’. The Holy Spirit is the executive of the God head. He works in every sphere, both physical and moral. Through the Holy Spirit God created and preserves the universe. Through the Holy Spirit God works in the spiritual sphere, converting sinners to Christ and sustaining believers.

But if I drive out the demons by the finger of God, then [a]the kingdom of God has already come upon you. ~ Luke 11:20 AMP

The Holy Spirit’s work is unceasing. The Holy Spirit teaches and comforts. The Holy Spirit sometimes is defined only by what He does, but the Bible leaves no doubt as to His personality- The Holy Spirit exercises all the attributes of personality- mind, Romans 8:27; will, 1 Cor. 12:11; feeling, Eph. 4:30. He has personal activities related to the believer and the world…He reveals, 2 Peter 1:21; He teaches (John 14:26, witnesses (Gal. 4:6), intercedes (Romans 8:26) speaks, (Rev. 2:7, commands (Acts 16:6-7) and testifies. John 15:26. He may be grieved (Eph. 4:30) and lied to (Acts 5:3) and blasphemed. Matt. 12:31, 32.

Think about the names, roles and attributes of the Holy Spirit and how they are apply to our everyday life. Have we neglected to understand that the Holy Spirit is involved in our everyday life?


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