March 5/2017

The Family Kitchen Table

a moment for families and couples
Helping your family become strong in the Lord.

This weeks verse: Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Main Point to talk about- Joy is something Jesus gives us as we celebrate through worship His promises for us.

I have really enjoyed coaching the boys middle school basketball team this year. Near the end of the season and just before the our final tournament I realized that our boys needed to develop a tough mental attitude if we were going to have the edge at the tournament. I talked with them about 7 key ingredients to make a mentally tough basketball player. The Bible encourages us to become strong in the Lord. This includes mentally and spiritually. Over the next 7 weeks I will be sharing about how to become strong in the Lord. Step one in becoming a mentally and spiritually strong follower of Jesus is ‘Joy’. Nehemiah 8:10 says, ‘The joy of the Lord is your strength.’ The pathway to power for the believer is gladness and joy. This is the God we serve. The enemy of our souls is gloomy, sad and filled with fear. Jesus said, “Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy, for, behold, your reward is great in heaven.” Luke 6:32 Did you know that satan cannot abide where believers are rejoicing and singing praises to God. Hope- filled Christians can drive the enemy away with songs of hope, and promises of God’s goodness and grace. Come to church to worship God. Find a place and set the pace for recovering joy by taking time to worship the Lord through prayer and praise. You will recover the joy and find yourself strong in the Lord.

February 26/2017

The Family Kitchen Table

a moment for families and couples

Connecting with your children after an argument.

We have all been there when it would seem like simple instructions turn into demands and before you know it, a full blown argument ensues. How do you get back into a harmonious relationship and grow through the conflict rather than falling back into habits of poor relational stewardship?  First of all is to acknowledge that our stubborn pride keeps us from admitting our own wrong doing.  Secondly, we need to understand that help from Jesus is available immediately. Somewhere we have thought that He won’t help us until we have made things right. But the promise is that He helps us in our time of need.  Thirdly, take the time to communicate fully at the right time and the right place. Wait until the emotions have ebbed and then think about the words you can use. Use wise words. Take a moment to plan out what you want to say and even take a moment to jot down key thoughts and ideas. Also consider the place for a conversation. Texting is not the place to openly resolve conflict. I have seen people use text messages for solving serious relational problems and this never works. It only creates more drama.  So make the effort to talk honestly with wise words and choose a place where you can be together uninterrupted and away from others who may not understand what you are going through.  Harmony in the home doesn’t happen automatically, but takes prayerful contentious effort and diligence.


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